Here are links to some of my poems online:

“‘The White Volcano with No Weather Side'”: An Interview” This is a double erasure, where I erase the text to find a question, then retrace that same amount of text to find an answer.  The three layers of grayscale indicate the mountain (faintest), the interviewer (middle range), and the places where they both used the same letters (brightest).

Selections from “The Lava on Iceland” (The Kenyon Review)

Selections from “The Lava on Iceland” (Diagram)

Renga for Obama Project

“Unless to Spy My Shadow in the Sun”

Ghazal of the Elegant Skull

Two Years After My Father’s Death, I Read About Mt. Athos

Selections from “The Lava on Iceland” (Spoon River Poetry Review)

The Bells That Clang Off-Key Invent New Noons

Like Dante, Looking

“Embrace Them All”

At Chartres


The Soldier on Routine

The Sycamore on Balance

The Sycamore on Forgiveness

The Glacier on Middle Age

Apples or Waffles

The Ore

Many thanks to all of the journals where these poems appear.